Hello, Darlings

Riana and I had been talking about starting a journal together for months. We had meetings about it. We did the walk and talk thing. We emailed a lot. We knew what we wanted to do and who we wanted to serve but couldn’t quite find the right avenue for it. But then, like a bolt of lightning, it struck.

Mythology is such an important part of history. It informs future generations as to what was important, valuable, evil or otherwise about the past. But where does it come from? Storytellers.

For too long, American identity has been defined by one set of standards, one viewpoint, and one monocultural voice. We aim to reclaim that identity for everyone.

With this journal we hope to give a diverse variety of writers a platform to share their stories. What would The Odyssey sound like if it were re-written by a refugee? A trans person? A lunatic? Those are the voices we want to raise up.

Come close and know us well. Share yourself and your history. We’re listening.

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