Vineyard, Doubled by Luke Dylan Ramsey – Day Four

Another Unwanted Visitor

an intelligence master, but not the master, here

a past lover, perhaps, we will say

maybe staying creepy, observant

maybe I’m drunk, on a bender, why not?

on this property so blissfully overgrown

I creep forwards through the jungle he has created

the natural green obscures the hazy glint of the setting sun

he should be asleep soon, or sullied underground

cloaked undetectable, for now

still creeping, ever creeping, I avoid the sweeping eyes

of the terrible golems, the totem poles, the turrets

I aim to be master myself, again

the conspiracy still grows around here

I must show him

shit… golems stand me up

and like a cork in a rushing wave

of raining obscenity

I flee, but leave the package

destroying him behind me

true love should’ve waited

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