Vineyard, Doubled by Luke Dylan Ramsey – Day Two

The Caretaker of the Vineyard

I did install some new security tech

a generator with a lake of goop, floodlights

motion trackers and totem poles with watching eyes

keep the fuckers out; I don’t believe in sex

single forever, I only need myself

I yearn mostly for a marriage to myself

in this vineyard I am a prophet

the central veins of the city don’t reach me here

in this homeland of a vineyard I alone am welcome

I can digress here

and none may enter

and I may never leave

I can wear dresses, shoddy overalls

flounce around downing fruitcakes

and tricksy candy, altogether to the max

I had tried to date in the past… the sisters never loved me

now I don’t have to break in

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